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Diamond combines those qualities and a great sense of humor that has been a recipe for a successful adult movie career and a flourishing website where you can see her perform daily on the various web cam shows she gives.

Jackson, the former College Grad who majored in Sports Medicine Technology, is still a fitness nut who likes to work out in her home gym to keep in shape in between long days of work and running her website.

The tech world has long seen the cyclic debut of fabulous (and fabulously expensive) products, which initially wowed pundits and early adopters, but were left antiquated with the next round of releases.

Adult retail has been undergoing a transformation in recent years.

You can vote this gorgeous 19-year-old rising star of live webcams for, ‘Top New Cam Model‘ as well as, ‘Best Anal Webcam Show‘.

Likewise you can follow her on Twitter @Selena Bella0 or watch her live webcam show here.

For all of the buzz surrounding VR porn, it is the mainstream with its big budgets and marketing muscle that is leading consumers into the virtual realm, overtaking the influence of adults’ early adopters and raising the bar of customer expectation.

In its broadest sense, “delivery” is the process of getting your product or service into customers’ hands — a process that takes on familiar tones in the online space, but which is now evolving as the emerging realm of virtual reality takes the stage — bringing with it a range of new considerations.

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Want to meet an AVN/Web Award winning pornstar online for real?

We are so excited to announce initial details about the 2018 Adult Webcam Awards™.

Check back regularly for updates as we approach Pre-Nomination Opening on Sept 15th 2018.

What about some sexy jobs for college students to do instead of the same ole’ pizzeria, cafeteria, fast food crap that we always get stuck doing?

As a college student myself I am here to announce that finally there is something fun to do Read More Ask everyone in a room if they are sick of going to work and odds are you’ll find 99 percent of them will raise their hand.

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