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Some of these stories of the times talented actors were awful people will disgust you.

You can respect their work, but you will definitely look at them differently after reading the reports below. Bale allegedly became violent over a falling out that his wife Sibi and his mother previously had.

I saw this guy at DRAIS when a few celebrities were performing and he was completely rude and acted like he was better than everyone.

The guy is missing around 10-12 teeth because they have rotted out of his mouth, he’s literally that disgusting.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.Initially the lead character was named Cassandra and the studio wanted the actress Tammy Grimes to take the part. She turned down the role, and Samantha as she was later called was taken on by Elizabeth Montgomery.She, however, didn’t “get” the show and thought as a witch she should be able to stop wars and the traffic in L. Or get the look for less with one of the fantastic totes in our edit below.New Look has a bargain buy or go somewhere in the middle with Aspinal of London's bag at John Lewis.

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