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ROME, Italy — A new Mormon resident arrived Saturday morning here in the Eternal City, one that stands more than 13 feet tall, weighs 450 pounds and is positioned 150 feet above the ground.But more than his extreme measurements, this Rome newcomer — the golden Angel Moroni statue now placed atop the LDS Church’s still-under-construction Rome Italy Temple — underscores the presence and progress of that edifice.People gathered for photos around the vertical-standing statue in the hour-plus before it was fitted to be lifted by a crane to the top of the temple's taller, eastern spire.Scaffolding surrounded that spire, allowing a half-dozen construction workers to connect a long, thick copper cable extending from the bottom of the statue to the lightning rod grounding the temple and then unhook the statue from the cable used for the crane.It also included all the people who were part of the household such as the slaves, servants, clients, and freedmen.As a result, some families in Rome grew quite large.Ancient Rome Family was an important part of Ancient Roman culture and society.Much of Roman law was written around protecting the basic structure of the family.

They are also useful for keeping peasants in line, as can be necessary in towns that have recently been captured, and are not yet entirely resigned to your rule.The family you belonged to had a lot to do with your place in Roman society and whether you were considered a patrician or a plebeian.The Familia The "familia" in Rome included more than just the basic family of father, mother, and children.The emperor's family often included thousands of members.The Paterfamilias The legal head of the family was the father or "paterfamilias." He was the oldest living male in the household.

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