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Parents need to know that this series -- which focuses on R&B singer Chilli’s efforts to find a man to marry -- contains lots of strong sexual innuendo, including some crude references to male genitalia, most of which is bleeped) and strong vocab (“damn,” “ass”; words like “dick” and “f--k” are also bleeped). Cast members drink wine and cocktails during meals and at bars. WHAT CHILLI WANTS is a reality show that features former TLC member Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas as she tries to find her future husband.Many of us have seen Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas’ (of TLC) man search ever since she documented it on VH1 in 2010.Below are a few pics: “I take everything one day at a time,” he explains.

It being the desire for grown women to still hold on to the notion of fairy tale celebrations, and much more, fairy tale marriages and relationships that by the sheer descriptive use of the word “tale” (and the Disney studio they were borne out of) suggests such stories are far more rooted in fiction than reality, and likely should have been let go around the same time one stopped believing in Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, and the tooth fairy.

I should interject here and mention that I will try to make this post come off as non-cynical and non-pessimistic as possible.

Feel free to let me know if I failed in the comments.

The reason the whole princess complex is on my mind today is because of a recent statement miss Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas made during an appearance on “Good Afternoon America” Friday.

Chilli, who is now 41, is basically known for three things: being in TLC, dating Usher, and being too picky to find the man she claims she wants on the VH1 reality dating show “What Chilli Wants.” OK, four things if you count her baby hair, but that’s not particularly pertinent to this post, although I implore you to check out her sculpture game in the clip below. Anywho, as I digress, Chilli was asked the question I really wish people would stop asking women altogether, which is would you “date down.” In this interview, “dating down” is considered getting involved with a man who makes less money than you and Chilli’s answer is every bit of why I don’t like this line of questioning to begin with.

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