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The blonde TV show host made news when she divorced from billionaire husband and Oxford university sweetheart, James Gillbert, after 16 months of marriage in 2013.Rumours circulated that she had succumbed to the Strictly curse with partner Pasha Kovalev whom she later started to date.She told : "His mum doesn't speak English, and his brother isn't that confident speaking it - the first time I met them all I couldn't understand a word. But now when he Skypes his mother in Siberia I can say a few words, or work out what they're talking about." Rachel Riley was left surprised after boyfriend Pasha Kovalev spelt out a rude word on Countdown STORY: Scarlett Moffatt has viewers in hysterics after live TV mishap Speaking about her relationship with the dancer, Rachel - who lives with Pasha in London - previously told : "I think it's up to the individual couple. We can go off and do our own things but then we also really look forward to seeing each other when we get the chance." She continued: "Our schedules don't cross so when we do see each other it's planned…Queue jumpers David Cameron has been caught on camera pushing in front of shoppers to buy socks in JD Sports.

At the risk of further cementing her reputation as TV's resident class swot, Countdown co-host Rachel Riley makes learning Russian sound like a bit of a breeze.

The mathematician has since participated in 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and Sky Sports' Friday Night Football while still co-presenting Countdown.

Every year we plan our vacations up to a year in advance and then spend the rest of the year looking forward to the big day.

Press them through the printable and into the cork piece twisting them until secure. Now the hard part is waiting for the vacation to start!

Because my family starts counting down up to a year in advance I put 3 hooks on mine, but you could just do 2 if you wanted! Use your hole puncher to punch a hole at the top of the tag. Now, at our house one of the reasons we start planning so much in advance is so that we can save our pennies for the big trip. To motivate me to store away some of that much needed cash, I made this travel fund jar!

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