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I’m guessing Vera might actually be more than just a conquest in Evan’s MILF phase.VANCOUVER, BC - FEBRUARY 18: Evan Lysacek of the United States is greeted by fashion designer Vera Wang at the USA House after winning the men's figure skating Olympic gold medal on February 18, 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. I haven’t had any time for dating while I’m training.Liukin, 20, traveled to Vancouver to cheer on her beau, who became the first American man to win the Olympic gold medal for figure skating in 22 years."To see his dreams come true was amazing," said Liukin, who won a gold medal for all-around gymnastics in the 2008 Beijing Olympics."Even though we're not in the same sport, we got to connect at the same level because there's nothing like the Olympics," she said.Evan Lysacek, a professional figure skater and 2014 Sochi gold medalist hopeful, has been rumored to be dating several different women over the years including Olympic gymnast Nastia Luiken.

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