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Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire is 1 mile directly to the west; the North Hull Estate (Greenwood Avenue) is contiguous adjacent to the south; the eastern boundary is formed by the Beverley and Barmston Drain, beyond which is more housing, and the River Hull (0.5 mile); to the north is open farmland.

Population at the 20 censuses was around 4,600, with the inhabitants being mainly white families (over 90%), predominately working class.

Adding a nostalgic touch is a photo exhibition on the past Christmas celebrations at Orchard Road, dating back to 1984.

To be held outside Shaw House Urban Plaza, it commemorates 50 years of tourism development in Singapore.

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Here are a list of restaurants in Orchard Road that you can check out when you are in town.

Fancy a new experience where you can shop and dine in the dark? The shopping mall along Orchard Road suffered a blackout lasting just over an hour yesterday (Jun 22) after a power trip. Contrary to the usual bright lights that dazzle Orchard Road, [email protected] accidentally went against the grain by having their lights turned off, to shoppers’ and diners’ bemusement, resulting in an hour of darkness., most of the shops on the ground floor were shuttered, as staff members waited in darkness for the power to be restored, and it came back on at about pm.

Many made cheering sounds when the power was restored, and shops resumed their business quickly. Cheryl Goh, General Manager of [email protected], confirmed that the blackout occurred at pm and power was restored at pm.

In 1986, he and his son, John, founded Turf-Tec International, a company that designs diagnostic turfgrass instruments for golf course superintendents.

Steiniger established the world-renowned Pine Valley Golf Club in New Jersey and was superintendent of the club for 57 years.

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