Saltandpepper dating

But from the BBC to the National Trust, from the high street to a muddy field in Wales, more and more institutions and organisations seem to be waking up to the fact that the biggest consumer market – in terms of spending power – are those over the age of 50.It’s not just the grey pound that has clout, so too does the salt-and-pepper pound. Kevin Lavery, the vice chairman of the mature marketing association, says: “The fact is we are an ageing society.But there is one thing that links an awfully large number of them: a distaste for the dumbing down of public life in Britain.

Salt, meanwhile, may not change its flavour when ground, but being able to control the coarseness can help you get your seasoning spot on.

Stir in garlic, followed by noodle mixture until well combined.

In a large bowl lightly beat eggs with salt, black pepper, and cayenne if desired.

That said, some chefs swear by stainless steel mechanisms, saying that they stay sharper for longer.

Stainless steel, unlike carbon steel shouldn’t be corroded by salt.

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