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Parties are held on a monthly basis in secret locations that are only revealed three days before the events.

And for all my experience with nightlife and sex as a professional stripper, I had little experience with a combination of the two. Along the way, I ran into my friends Jillian and Eleanor: Jillian is the head of WISER, a women's group comprised of sex educators and workers; while Eleanor leads nude theater group Dance Naked Productions. I had not, so he presented a dozen pages of digital info to peruse. "No cellphones at any time" was a rule to which I was not accustomed, and I thought it would be the most personally challenging part of the evening.

I parked Downtown, and walked hurriedly to the main entrance.

fine (should you have the pleasure of not sharing a thin wall with your roommate, and can also somehow cancel out sounds of honking taxis and heavy smells of street meat mixed with cigarette smoke, that is).

But if you’re looking to change up your bedroom routine, and get a little outside your comfort zone, there are plenty of underground sex scenes in NYC to explore -- most of which are far less intimidating than the phrase “underground sex scene” may lead you to believe.

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