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So, hook-up is the new dating and marriage is no longer the goal.

It’s India, so we’ve got, you know, those “safety issues”, which means that you’re likely to only speak to new men who are friends of friends. But what I’m finding is that the conversations in my rarefied, fairly progressive friendship circles eventually land upon and mull over the question: Where are all the interesting, dateable men?Brutally and beautifully honest about her own life – for example, sharing the story of being a fat teenager in a school where “Alice likes you” was the worst weapon to use against a boy, or feeling the overwhelming panic of turning 30 – we accompany Alice on her journey through the perils, peeves and pleasures of going on 50 dates in India’s capital city. ” She goes on to clarify, “I don’t mean to say, ‘The world is scary for women, so hide, hide, hide.’ I mean, ‘The world is scary no matter what, so equip yourself to deal with it. Theory Number One: How Desi Boys are Raised, talks about the fact that “guys are just not taught, as a rule, to accept, acknowledge and articulate their emotional responses to things, because it is not manly.” Theory Number Two is The Dating Bathtub, which is comprises anecdotal, personal evidence as to why, realistically speaking, Delhi’s “dating pool” at her age is closer to the size of a bathtub.Theory Number Three, The Dating Desert, uses the expected trajectory of meet-by-25-married-by-28 to determine the reasons why there are no eligible men by the time we hit 30 (according to Alice, these factors range from “commitment-phobe” to “all-round player”).I think back to all those times a friend’s hand (friend within scare quotes) has brushed my arm for a second longer than it needed to, giving both of us pause for thought. In one corner of the parapet, my favourite pair of jeans, washed two days back, languish: in exactly half a day it will start smelling like a peak hour Mumbai local.

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