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We have compiled this easy to read chart of credit and debit cards that may match your credit needs and situation.

bi mom of 3 boys only have a few limits: no blood, puke, bathroom or feet. So don't you think it might be a good idea to chat and find out?

I'm American ( don't worry we're actually really self loathing so the rest of the world isn't the only ones who hate us). But we like it, when it´s a bit more rough then usual ;) Recently discovered cuckold plays for us, but we´re new to ... Just some vain guy posing in a mirror : P Well, you read that and are reading this, so I might as well introduce myself. Just need some fun and distraction from time to time.

Not into scat and pee and stuff like that, no blood or age play, that´s not our stuff. Been interested in women for awhile, still like guys, but here to explore my lesbian side. Won't say I'm domme or submissive, but could be something to explore, at ... Anyway - havin' fun just findin my way back ...

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